Maintain Optimum Food Quality
Reduce Energy Costs by 35% - 50%
Preserve Product Shelf Life

Chillscreens Australia
Refrigeration Night Blinds

Chillscreens is covering Australia and other countries with a superior range of Refrigeration Night Blinds for Commercial Refrigeration, supermarkets and convenience stores.

REDUCE Energy Costs by 35% – 50%

PRESERVE product shelf life

EXTEND display cabinet life

MAINTAIN optimum food quality

CONSERVE carbon emissions

STABILISE cabinet temperatures

PROTECT cabinet contents during power outage

SAVE on labour costs to maintain product display

QUANTIFY your green credentials

IMPROVE your bottom line

AN INVESTMENT that will pay for itself

Chillscreens Refrigeration Night Blinds are used widely by most of the refrigeration industry.

Our night blinds are supplied to most of the large grocery chains as well as independent and smaller supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Ritchies, Foodworks, Aldi & Metcash